Ranking Every GB Cycling Kit Since 2000

In the last 19 years the aesthetic of cyclists riding for GB has been through some drastic changes, so we thought we’d give our opinion on every kit since 2000, including Olympic kits.


Sydney 2000 Olympics

Will: To me, there’s not enough to this kit and the bits of design it does have haven’t dated exceptionally well. 2/10

Athens 2004 Olympics

Will: Again, another kind of bland-ish design but I think it is sleeker than the Sydney kit, but still has not dated exceptionally. 3/10

Beijing 2008 Olympics

Will: A shift from blue to white which actually seemed to improve the kit, there’s a subtle nature to the actual design features which make this kit look fairly sleek, again however it is still looking pretty dated. 5/10

London 2012 Olympics

Will: Adidas did a great job with the kit design for a home Olympics, a really nice incorporation of an abstract union jack which gives the kit a distinct amount of class. 7/10

Rio 2016 Olympics

Will: This kit was again a really great use of the union jack, as well as a really nice incorporation of a coat of arms. Not only that it looked great in action and still looks good now. 9/10

Standard Kits

The kit from most of the 2000s

Will: Honestly, my least favourite GB kit by a long long way, it is just way too contrasting and never has caught my eye as something which appeals. 1/10

The kit from the early 2010s

Will: This kit is yet another example of how the union jack can be used so nicely to fit onto a kit, only problem for me is it is a bit bland on top. 7/10

Will: This is my absolute favourite GB kit, it has such a great mix of the union jack, a combination of the blue and white and a nice amount of texturing, Kalas certainly did well on their first GB kit. 10/10

Will: This kit is nice and simplistic but to me the referencing to sailing it brings up doesn’t really sit great with me, although it is still a nice kit. 8/10


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