The Top 5 Cycling Kits of the 2010s

So here we are again, it’s time to put out our favourite pro-team kits of this century, and give our thoughts as to why. In the current pro peloton, we are awash with fades, so we’re going to aim to praise those who went against the trends.

Jelly Belly (2018)

This kit is just such a cool idea, who wouldn’t want to ride around covered in one of the world’s most iconic sweets? It also is a nice way to incorporate branding, and stand out despite having a simple white and black kit. If anything too, I always wanted to use Sports Beans just because Jelly Belly had a cool kit, so I suppose the marketing works just as it is intended to.

Saxobank – Sungard (2011)

Now I think this kit has slipped away without the credit it deserved. It’s so hard to integrate animals into a jersey without it looking frankly ridiculous, but with this, they did just about manage it. The kit brings with it a fairly bland colour, but enough detail that it is not boring, and I think just such a great kit.


This kit just stands out a mile off and looks absolutely incredible. To be able to work so many colours into one kit is just amazing, usually it would end-up looking awful. It’s also so nice that the sponsors are not at all a dominant feature, a difference to most pro kits.

EF-Education First (2019)

This kit was just such a refreshing change for cycling, such a good looking kit, so vibrant and really stood out. Their kit this year has followed a similar suit, so hopefully this identity for the team might inspire others in the peloton to go bold.

Bora – Hansgrohe (2019)

This is just such a classy kit, the gradient stripes matched with the sleek black just makes for such a nice aesthetic. I think a lot of Bora’s kits have been great but this one is definitely my favourite A kit fitting for the team of the sport’s greatest showman.


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