Rating the Grand Tour and Monument Trophies

Once again, we’re back with some hard hitting journalism. The trophy the winner receives at the end of a race is carefully designed, and made to look nice, so just which one is best?

Giro D’Italia


This trophy is just so perfect, it’s so pleasing on the eye, it’s modern and it is so unique. I think this trophy’s beauty genuinely goes beyond any I have seen in any sport across the globe. What’s even better is that it comes with the best colour leaders jersey, and would just a complete honour for any rider to win.

Tour De France


Now, the Tour De France has a few trophies, but this is the one given to all the jersey winners. This is a fairly nice trophy, but it does bare quite a striking resemblance to the more modern football trophies. Also, a winner of this race would much rather show off their yellow jersey over this trophy.

La Vuelta


This is so underwhelming compared to the other two, it’s not particularly aesthetic and is very dull. It’s a massive shame that ASO don’t create a nicer more modern looking trophy for La Vuelta, rather than just an over-sized dinner plate.

Milan – San Remo


This trophy’s only flaw is the fact it does look slightly dated. I really enjoy the attempt to incorporate the logo into a trophy, and this does make it look extra unique. And, what’s more, you can easily go and enjoy a game of ring-toss to wind down after the race.

Ronde Van Vlaanderen


I mean, I guess this one will have its fans for people who appreciate the craftsmanship of the trophy. For me though, it is simply not up to scratch with a lot of the other trophies we see in cycling. Maybe they should look to modernise the design drastically to create a perfect harmony

Paris – Roubaix


Now, whilst I’m assuming the design for this trophy was a long a scientific process, I think it is really nice and simplistic. It also is perfectly traditional, and likely will not ever appear dated thanks to its extraordinary heritage.



This is a nice looking trophy, just a bit too generic for my liking. I feel a monument should have a really distinctive trophy, and whilst this trophy is aesthetic, it just feels like it’s straight off the shelf of your local trophy shop.

Il Lombardia


Just another average looking trophy to my eyes, nothing particularly special about it. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a bike wheel, but to me it just looks like a 1950s F1 steering wheel.


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