A Lesson Cycling Needs To Learn…

Cycling is a sport loved the world over, and if you’re reading this, likely by you too. So why is it we see so many issues with the sport and why do we never learn.

The first thing I’ve always noticed about cycling is the blind arrogance we can see when it comes to younger riders and the equipment and training facilities now deemed “normal”. Anyone who tell you cycling is a free sport, doesn’t understand the true nature of racing in the sport, and the immense social pressure within the cycling community to have all the best gear.

To start, a race license will set you back a fair amount of money, but as a fair defence this is no more than a registration fee for plenty of other sports. If this was all it cost to race, cycling wouldn’t have the issues, but this isn’t all.

Beyond this, you then have: the cost of bikes, the cost of wheels, the need for multiple bikes for multiple disciplines, a smart trainer, a zwift subscription, winter kit, summer kit, rollers and the list goes on and on. Within cycling, particularly from the ages of 14-23, the vast majority of cyclists get all this on a plate from their parents and accept it to be the norm.

This is what creates such a drastic social pressure on people from lesser financially stable backgrounds to work harder just be on a level playing field.

In my experience, most riders with all this in front of them are so drastically spoilt they don’t even realise how lucky they are, and it truly is incredible to see.

Having spoken to one rider in particular, I know it actually really upsets those less well off to see the constant bragging of new kit and training software, particularly amongst those who work part-time jobs to pay for every last aspect of their career.

So please, cyclists, let’s open our eyes and look out for all those around us, and actually realise just how spoilt the vast majority of us are.

It’s not nice for everyone else, let’s stop being arrogant and make cycling a happier place for everyone.


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