The Team

Will Tyrer


Will was one of the founding members of The Chain Gang and is currently studying for a Sports Journalism BA at UCLan. Alongside The Chain Gang, Will is Awol’s social media manager and hopes to combine working with the team and writing online to create a well supported website.


Mily Knight

Mily is in her first season with Isorex – No Aqua in Belgium, and is a rider supported by the Dave Rayner fund

Connie Hayes – Connie is a full-time student and cyclist for AWOL Cycling Team. Her career so far has seen race across Europe including events such as the Tour Series as well as many UCI races on the continent.

Charlotte Broughton – Charlotte is a rider for AWOL Cycling Team and has been national champion 10 times across her career in multiple disciplines.

Clover Murray – Clover is a full-time student, and rides for CAMS – Tifosi, a UCI Women’s team and will enjoy a season of racing at some of the most prestigious races across the globe.