INEOS begin delivery of hand sanitiser to NHS

INEOS have begun delivering hand sanitiser to hospitals across the UK in a move which will see up to a million bottles manufactured.

The decision to create and distribute the range of products has been supported by Dave Brailsford and Team INEOS.

Brailsford said: “Team INEOS is used to moving at speed but ten days from starrt to finish for three plants already was incredibly tight.

“We are all in this together and I am grateful to everyone in the entire INEOS family for their hands-on approach to getting the job done.”

Using the manufacturing and enterprise of Jim Ratcliffe’s INEOS in compination with the racing team logistics lead by Brailsford, the group are hoping to make an important impact on the fight against the Coronavirus.

INEOS brought their production plant at Newton Aycliffe online within just ten days and will now begin deliveries nationwide.

The company have also set up plants in Germany and France and have announced plans for a second facility in the latter.

INEOS founder Jim Ratcliffe said: “We are not only planning to produce a million bottles of hand sanitiser a month in the UK but the same again at similar facilities in Germany and France.

“If we can find other ways to help in the Coronavirus battle, we will remain absolutely committed to playing our part.”

INEOS are set to increase distribution as soon as the facility reaches full capacity


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